17 goals for 2017

For those of you playing along at home, here’s what I’ll be doing this year – 17 goals for 2017. It’s going to be an incredible year.

1. Spend more quality time with family and loved ones

In 2016, I prioritised myself and my development. In 2017, I’m going to spend quality time with the people I love. I’ll make time for the important moments and reconnect with people I’ve missed.

How? Be more conscious of how I’m choosing to spend my time and make more deliberate choices.

2. Live abundantly

I am secure. I am worthy. I have more than enough. I can relish in all I have. I can share what I have with others. My focus is on long-term growth, not short-term gain.

This is the mindset I’m taking with me throughout 2017 to help bring even more abundance into my life. Sounds a bit silly, but I’m going to go with it.

How? Appreciate what I have, feel thankful and grateful. Value and treasure everything in my life.

3. Be uncomfortable

Not in a wearing high heels kind of way, but in a stepping out of my comfort zone, trying new things and pushing myself kind of way. 2016 was such a huge year for me with the Governor’s Leadership Foundation program and I don’t want to lose momentum.

How? I’m actually not sure. I guess my first plan is to make a plan…

4. Nourish my body with good things

My relationship with my body, with food, with how I look has always been an uncomfortable one. This year I want to treat my body with more respect – both in the way I talk about it and what I put into it.

How?  Take time to prepare and enjoy eating good food. Move regularly and push my body.

5. Be good to the environment

It’s very easy to make excuses for using and buying products that are bad for the environment – life is busy, products are expensive, I needed something quickly.

This year I want to choose more sustainable options and make an active choice about the the things I use and do.

How? One small change at a time.

6. Go overseas

It’s been far too long since my Passport had a holiday. Time to get out of Australia.

How? Annual leave is booked for December, I just need to work out where I’m headed. I’m keen on Southern Asia – tips/suggestions welcome!

7. Start a podcast

Something I’ve wanted to do for a while. It’s terrifying and could totally end in disaster, but I really want to give it a shot. I want to focus on the interesting things that happen in South Australia. I want to interview local people who are doing cool things and creating change.

How? Jump in. Be brave. Cross my fingers very tightly.

8. Find out why I’m wrong

Okay, so we all know I’m right. Duh. But on the off chance I’m not the oracle of wisdom I think I am, I’d like to find out why I’m wrong.

I want to learn more about other people’s perspectives, arguments and stances on issues. Even more, I’d like to understand why they believe what they believe. As much as I enjoy my social justice bubble / echo chamber, there is so much more I could learn.

How? Explore more opinions. Have conversations with people who have different views to myself. Challenge my assumptions and question my beliefs.

9. More money, less clutter

Last year I realised my future has few limitations. I’m single, not overly attached to living in SA, don’t own a home, don’t have biological clock/ baby-making pressures, I’m not locked into the same job forever – basically the world is my oyster. Which is pretty liberating.

Apart from two things. I have zero savings and I’m a massive hoarder. In 2017, I’m aiming to save my dollars and be more deliberate with how I spend my money. I’m also getting rid of all the ‘stuff’. Declutter and minimise.

How? Focus on WHY I want these things. Then make it happen.

10. Buy a new car

Beep beep. This year I’m going to get myself some new wheels (with air-conditioning).

How? Get myself one of those car loan things.

11. Dance my heart out

Oh how I miss dance! My goal for 2017 is to get back into the groove. In any way, shape or form.

How? Take more classes. Enjoy the D-Floor. Dance around the living room.

12. Build a positive relationship with mornings… and my alarm

I’m being ambitious, but realistic. I’m not going to be jumping out of bed at 6am (given that most mornings currently go something like this), but in 2017 I won’t be snoozing the alarm for the millionth time at 9.30am.

How? I’m going to set my alarm at the time I’m realistically going to get up, rather than build in a ‘snooze buffer’. I’m going to take time in the mornings to make and enjoy a coffee at home before heading to work. I’m going to stop telling myself how much I hate mornings… positive thinking, right?

13. Get good quality sleepy time

As a night owl, I really enjoy being up late, but I also really enjoy my sleep. On occasion I’ve been known to fall asleep on the couch or into bed without brushing my teeth or turning the lights off, which is not ideal.

How? Build a bedtime routine. Go to bed before I’m exhausted.

14. Investigate veganism

Look, I love cheese. I bought vegan cheese the other week and while it tastes delicious (mmm cashew + dill), it did NOT taste like cheese. But the thing is, I’ve been using this ‘I love cheese’ excuse as a reason not to learn more about milk production, cheese making, eggs etc. This year it changes.

How? Look further into veganism. Maybe become a vegan, maybe not – but make a choice either way.

15. Look into divestment

This is something that’s been on the cards for a while. I want my life to be made of active and deliberate decisions (not just sticking with the status quo cos it’s easier).

I’d like to make a choice about where my money and business goes. I want to learn more about banking and superannuation and be comfortable with the choice I make.

How? My beautiful friend Erin has started a Google doc comparing banks, so basically I’m going to steal all of her hard work.

16. Read for pleasure

Ten years ago I would secretly stay up late on school nights curled up with a torch under my quilt so that I could read ‘just one more chapter’. I would devour books and loved disappearing into stories.

In the past few years I haven’t read any books for fun. I’ve read to learn, but not purely for joy.

How? Choose a book to read this year. I’m keeping it simple and achievable. Read a book.

17. Arts arts arts

More dance, cabaret, art, theatre and music. I want to see all the things.

How? Make time to enjoy the beautiful things.


That’s it. That is how my 2017 will be amazing 🙂

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